P is for...

Parc Paradisio

We took a day trip to Parc Paradisio and saw some great animals!  This cockatoo actually played catch with us - if we threw a pebble in he would get that exact pebble and throw it back out!  Then he took a small stick in his beak and "swept" the ledge of his enclosure clean of rocks - and he "talked" up a storm as well.

As we entered the park that day, the first enclosure was the petting zoo, where this mother goat was in process of giving birth!  We watched this little goat come into the world to start our visit that day - an amazing thing for the kids to see!


This bakery is just a few blocks from our house so sometimes on the weekends we would send a couple of kids out for a walk to bring us some breakfast treats!

Petite Sablon

The Petite Sablon is near downtown Brussels and is a great little park area filled with statues of famous Belgians.

Pis Family

The family of Pis statues - Mannekin, Jannekin, and Zinnekin - are located in 3 different areas of downtown Belgium.  All three are peeing statues.  Mannekin is the most famous and has millions of visitors each year.  He has been receiving costumes as gifts from leaders of other countries for hundreds of years and has his own person who dresses him and takes care of all his costumes.  The other two are less well known. but just as "nice" so hopefully they will start getting more visitors and costumes as well.

Mannekin Pis

Jannekin Pis

Zinnekin Pis

Mannekin in costume...

And Mannekin as Santa!

Post Office

The Belgian Post - the kids like their trucks!  Amanda got this shot as we drove down the Brusselsesteenweg one afternoon.

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