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Maison du Roi

Maison du Roi translates to house of the king, but it is the Brussels Museum now.  One of the main buildings on the Grand Place (across from the Hotel de Ville), it is very ornate and the museum tells the history of Brussels.  It also houses the over 700 costumes of the Mannekin Pis!


Most communes have their own market, usually held weekly but on different days so if you want you can go to one every day once you learn which ones are which days.

These pictures are of the Hoeilaart market, held on Fridays.  The fresh fruit is really, really good.

The patisserie and bakery - wow!

The chicken man!!!!  Not only would you find his truck at the markets, but he also had spots in the various communes where he would be on certain days.  You could find him in Hoeilaart on Tuesday afternoons...  The chicken and potatoes are quite tasty!

And this is a view of the Brussels Christmas market from on the big Ferris wheel - each of the little red roofs is a stand selling it's wares to the crowds.  St. Catherines is the big church at the far end.

Down in the market looking back at the Ferris wheel.


Mayonnaise on the frites - it's a must have condiment!  And this is only part of what you find on the grocery shelf....


Sonya and the kids liked to take the metro to get around the city and go downtown

We usually would park near Demey station and get on and off the metro here

Central Station - right near the center of Brussels.  You can get just about anywhere from here!


Molen is Flemish for mills - and you find the windmills all over the place, both the old and the new.  These pictures of actually of mills in the Netherlands at Kinderdijk.


What a fantastic dinner!  Take some moules (mussels) cook them up with some garlic (at least that was our favorite way - they come lots of ways!) and serve them in a hot steaming pot.  Add some frites on the side and a dame blanche for dessert and you have just about the best meal ever!

This pot of mussels with garlic was actually Sonya's last dinner in Brussels...Delicious!

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