K is for...


Yet another word for castle, Kasteel is Flemish - this is Kasteel van Arenberg in Heverlee near Leuven.  One of the most ornately decorated (on the outside more than the inside!) castles we saw.

Kasteel Bier

And why not name one of your many, many beers after your castles as well??!!  Bier is Flemish for beer.


OK, this is just a really, really cool and fun to say Flemish word!  We drive past a sign that points to this nursery/day care center on the way to school and just really like the word!

Kriek Bier

One of the more famous Belgian beers, Kriek is made with sour cherries and it does have a deep red color to it.  It's kind of surprising that we have so many beers in here since we don't even like them, but they are just everywhere so it's hard to miss them!

St. Louis is simply a brand of Kriek Lambic beer, but we thought this sign in Jezus Eik was deserving of a picture since the St. Louis Cardinals are our favorite baseball team!

L is for...