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Gaasbeek Castle is a greatly restored home from long, long ago - the inside has been brought back to the way it would have been when it's last owners lived in it and tours are available in many, many languages.  It was built in the 13th century and the interior restoration is from the 19th century.  Well worth a visit!


The city of Ghent is located not far from Brussels and has some great site to see

including this river and the famous castle of Ghent s'Gravensteen that you can see in the background.


One of Curt's favorite things to do in Belgium was to golf on the beautiful courses there.  Over our time he belonged to the Overijse Golf Club and then La Bawette Golf Club (you have to belong to play there) and they both have some really pretty holes! 

Grand Place

The Grand Place is the center of Brussels (it's pronounced more like gran plaz or you can use the Flemish Grote Markt if you want).  Above is the Hotel de Ville, which is not a hotel but is the town hall building, which is the defining building of the downtown area.

Another building on the Grand Place is the Brabant Building, newly cleaned and decked out with it's gold leaf decor!  More on what is happening on the Grand Place later under "T"!


Grimbergen is a commune north of Brussels and happens to be the one where Curt worked during our time in the city.  It is also home to a monastery and the monks there make this beer, aptly named Grimbergen.  It is one of the many Trappist beers available, as in the ones made by monks.

Groenendaal Station

The kids wanted to include this station because it's on the way to school so we passed it an uncountable number of times during our time in Brussels!

Guild Houses

The Guild Houses line the Grand Place and go off on many streets from it - they were home to the different guilds that were started in the medieval times to bring fairness to trade (the butchers guild, the carpenters guild, the bakers guild, and so on).  Each main group had a house here on the market square and the lesser guilds built smaller ones nearby.  Napoleon managed to damage most of the downtown when he invaded in the 1700's so these were rebuilt after that point and the structures had to be approved so as to give the new Grand Place a more uniform look - it is truly a beautiful square!

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