Le Petit Martien Bleu


Sorry, this powerpoint is in French. I made it as an assignment for French class, but it is very interesting to watch, and you can understand a lot even if you don't speak French. However, if you do speak French and are looking at this website, please be understanding of grammar mistakes. I tried, but I'm only in French 1, so my French isn't perfect, but it is understandable. As I know none of you in my family speak French I will make a brief summary. Once you download the powerpoint, in the notes section there is an English translation for the French on each slide.

This is a variant on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The Petit Martien Bleu (Bing) is Little Red Riding Hood. The etranger vert is the big bad wolf, and the grand-mere is the grandmother. Some of these words contain accents in the actual version, but FrontPage doesn't seem to allow accents using common keyboard shortcuts, so you'll have to pretend they are there. However, since you don't speak French, you probably don't really care. The reason the petit martien bleu calls 101 is because in Belgium, if you want to call the police you don't call 911 like in the US, or 999 as in the UK, but you call 101. On the other hand, if you want the ambulance or fire truck you call 100, and if you're on a cell phone you don't call any of these numbers, but instead call 112.