Happy Mother's Day

This is a card I made for mother's day for mom. For all of you who went to the thing at Aunt Joyce's house with Elvis, this is the crazy cuckoo bird, Kuku, that I got from him. He still acts crazy now, and his best friend is one of Casey's stuffed birds, Nuts (who acts like his name implies, insane). For Grandpa John, this is George, the baby George, the same one who plays with the little people in the ash tray on airplanes. Even though I know you don't have a computer, maybe you can see it at Grandma's house sometime. Baby George will come visit you, I promise. However, I believe Kuku will be left behind at someone's house, he might go a little crazy elsewhere (don't worry, he will remain secure within my bags). If you don't understand this paragraph, I'm sorry, perhaps you aren't really related to us, and don't know these stuffed animals, but I'm sure you'll still like the video. Once more it is only 8 frames per second, but this time I designed that to be the case so it works a little better (though shoes do not make very good tripods, yes I used a shoe as my tripod (I couldn't find a real one, or chose not to look)).